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Weight Of Cricket Ball - What Things Weigh

The cricket balls that are used to play men’s and women’s games have different weights. Men’s cricket balls weigh 5.5 to 5.75 ounces (156-163 grams). That’s just a bit more than the weight of a major league baseball. Women’s cricket balls weigh 4.93 to 5.06 ounces (140-144 grams). There are 3 different types of cricket balls, which include the Duke, the SG and the Kookaburra.

Cricket Bat Dimensions & Drawings | Dimensions.com

Cricket Bats have a length of common length of 33.5”-34.375” (85.1-87.3 cm), maximum of length of 38” (96.5 cm), width of 4.25” (10.8 cm), and depth of 2.64” (67 mm). The weight of a Cricket Bat is 2.63–3 lb (1.19-1.36 kg). The Cricket Bat is a piece of sports equipment used in Cricket batsmen. The cricket bat is commonly made in India and Pakistan, featuring a flat-fronted willow-wood blade fixed to a cane handle.

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A cricket bat is a specialized piece of equipment used by batsmen in the sport of cricket to hit the ball, typically consisting of a cane handle attached to a flat-fronted willow-wood blade.

What is the weight of a T20 cricket ball? Explained

In women’s cricket, the cricket ball shall: weigh from 4.94 ounces/140 g to 5.31 ounces 151 g; measure from 8.25 in/21.0 cm to 8.88 in/22.5 cm in circumference. In junior cricket (Under 13), the cricket ball shall: weigh from 4.69 ounces/133 g to 5.06 ounces 144 g; measure from 8.06 in/20.5 cm to 8.69 in/22.0 cm in circumference.

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4.6.1 Women’s cricket. Weight: from 4.94 ounces/140 g to 5.31 ounces 151 g. Circumference: from 8.25 in/21.0 cm to 8.88 in/22.5 cm. The difference is due to traditionalist views of women as a physically weaker sex requiring some allowance for their perceived inability to handle "proper" equipment.

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Cricket Bats. Below is our recommendation on the appropriate bat size based on player height. This guide can be used for all Junior and Senior cricket bats.

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