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GEAR GUIDE: How to Replace a Tennis Overgrip?

This will enable you to avoid releasing the overgrip to remove it later. Next, carefully remove the plastic protective covering from the overgrip and take off the paper covering of the adhesive tape on the back. Installation: Hold the racquet “upside down”, with the handle facing up, and determine the direction of the wrap. If you’re a right-handed player, the grip wrap should spiral down the handle from left to right; for lefties, it should spiral from right to left (if you’re a ...

How To Replace a Tennis Overgrip - YouTube

Proper installation of an overgrip can help you maintain a good hold on your racquet's handle and eliminate nagging discomfort to your hands as well.That's w...

How to Change Your Tennis Overgrip | Wilson Sporting Goods

Each overlap area should be between 1/8 and ¼ inch. Pull the overgrip tightly to avoid wrinkles as you wrap it around and up the handle of your racket. Wrap all the way to the top of the handle, to the top of your replacement grip. You will probably have a little extra overgrip at the top.

How to Install a Tennis Grip - YouTube

Step-by-step Instructions on how to Install and Wrap a Tennis Replacement Grip or Overgrip to your Racquet!

TENNIS // How to install correctly a grip or an overgrip on ...

Find all our advices to install correctly a grip or an overgrip on yor tennis racket. Follow the guide, step by step, and learn how to install it by yourself...

Photo Illustrated - How to Apply an Overgrip

Place the non-tapered end of the overgrip half an inch below the butt end of your handle, with the outside surface facing out. Starting the overgrip in this position will allow you to overlap it as you begin to wrap, thus keeping it firmly in place. Hold the end of the overgrip against the handle with your left thumb.

How to REPLACE your Overgrip (the right way) - YouTube

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Best Tennis Overgrips | Full Guide + How to With Photos

Here are the steps to install your overgrip. Step 1. Remove your old overgrip if you have one. Step 2. Unravel your new overgrip, and if it has one, peel off the layer of plastic protecting the grip’s surface. Step 3. If you’re using the included piece of tape, remove the sticker from the adhesive backing and set aside on a chair or table. Step 4