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How do soccer players stay cool during games? They stand near the fans. Why did the soccer player bring string to her game? So she could tie the score. What runs around a soccer field but never moves? A fence. What did the bumble bee forward say after getting a goal? “Hive scored.” How do birds cheer for their soccer teams? They egg them on.

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Satan and St. Peter decided to hold a soccer game in paradise. It was to be hell versus heaven. When everything had been arranged, St. Peter said to Satan, "Look, I can't be dishonest with you. There is no way that your side can win. All soccer players are simple, pure people and when they di... read more

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After my son’s team won the soccer game, the goalkeeper invited the two of us for a party. It was the Father, the Son, and the goalie host. I was watching an international soccer game, and suddenly an Iranian player ran into the stands to beat up a spectator.

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More jokes about: doctor, game, soccer, sport. A team of little animals and a team of big animals decided to play football. During the first half of the game, the big animals were winning. But during the second half,a centipede scored so many touchdowns that the little animals won the game.

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50 Funniest Soccer Jokes 1.. What’s the best state to shop for a soccer uniform? 2.. Why did Cinderella get kicked off the soccer team? Because she ran away from the ball! 3.. What is it called when a dinosaur gets a goal? A dino-score! 4.. Which soccer player has the biggest cleats? The one with ...

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SOCCER HUMOR! Most of the clever soccer jokes on this page are written with the traditional set-up, punchline delivery in mind. Some of these funny soccer jokes are aimed at specific teams, while others are enjoyable jokes that are more general about the sport of soccer. All of them are super good soccer jokes though. We promise.

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The best soccer jokes for kids and their parents are right here. You’re going to have a ball reading them! This is one of the best collections of Soccer jokes for kids online – plus all the soccer jokes are clean and safe for kids of all ages. Great for teachers, coaches, parents and soccer fans.

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An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman are drinking in a bar... -You know - says the Englishman - I have 10 sons. That is almost a soccer team. -That's nothing. - says the Irishman - I have 14 sons. That is almost a rugby team. -Well - says the Scotsman - I have 17 daughters.

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Best Soccer Puns And Jokes. 1. Why did the chicken get ejected from the soccer game? — For persistent fowl play. 2. Why do football players do well in school? — They know how to use their heads! 3. What is a goalkeeper’s favourite snack? — Beans on post! 4. Why did the soccer player bring string to her game? — So she could tie the score. 5.