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Cricket bat handles are usually bound together with twine and have a cylinder shape extending from the shoulders to the top of the bat. Bat handles are always made from a different type of wood to the blade, which is crafted from willow.

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The twine will follow the shape of the handle so doesn’t really matter what shape it is. I had a classic bat company bat in for repairs and copy a few years ago and the base of the handle was almost a hexagon shape. Not the easiest to replicate but binding went on absolutely fine.

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This is the favourite Cricket Bat Handle Twine as used by Cricket Bat Makers all over the world.

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Arcus Cricket Bat Handles are made of the finest raw materials and come with guaranteed material and workmanship. Our handles are 12, 8 and 4 pieces of cane. They are dried and shaped according to customer specifications and are ready to fit the splice of the blade and thread bind by the best caliber twine.

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To tie off you need to make a separate loop out of a 10cm length of twine. You place this so that it's half on the binding (loop facing towards the blade) then you continue to bind the handle 4 or 5 times cut the twine off and place the cut end through the loop then pull the loop through towards the end of the handle. Hope this helps.

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You’ll be left with the handle, still wrapped in twine, ready to move on and begin the process of putting on your new grip. Step 3 – Putting the Cricket Grip on the Bat Handle. Now this is the most important part of the whole process. Cricket bat grips are by their very nature, designed to be very… grippy.

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The handle of a cricket bat is cylindrical and covered in a rubber or fabric grip to prevent it from slipping out of your hands. The handle, made from white willow wood or cane, is often bound with fine twine to further enhance your grip, and is attached to the body of the bat via a woodworking joint called a splice, essentially a V-shaped plug.

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Rehandle Broken handle replaced R395,00 Handle bound with twine Grip put on Rehandle Broken handle replaced R695,00 * Special * Handle bound with twine Grip put on PLUS Bat refurbish Bat stickers Bat blade anti-scuff cover Toe guard Shoulder Repair Shoulder repaired R195,00 Splice splits repaired Toe Repair When toe area is lifting R195,00 Toe ...

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After the glue dries, sand down the area and rub it with linseed oil. Finally, use bat tape or glue-soaked twine to bind the damaged area on the cricket bat. To learn how to reattach a damaged cricket bat handle, read on!